‘Mr Morgan’s Last Love’ UK Trailer

Here is the official UK Trailer of Clemence in the movie ‘Mr Morgan’s Last Love‘.

The Movie Summary:

From the day Pauline (Clémence Poésy) lends him a helping hand on the bus, the stubborn, weary Matthew Morgan (Michael Caine) stumbles back to happiness. Swept off his old feet by the young woman’s disarming vitality and unwavering optimism, the quiet teacher becomes an unlikely student of living. In their everyday adventures of walks through Paris, lunches in the park, and trips to the country, the odd couple explores the treasures of friendship, the comfort of companionship, the taste of romance – and the meaning of family. Through their mutual restoration of faith in people who care, Pauline embraces the idea of a new kind of family while Matthew finally reconnects with his estranged son Miles (Justin Kirk), who in turn finds himself deeply affected by the changes in his father.

The release date for ‘Mr. Morgan’s Last Love’ will be in select cinemas across the UK on July 11, 2014.

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